Custom Cases

Custom Cases

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  • Supreme Court of India
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  • Drafting complaints;
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  • FIR Quashing through High Court;
  • Criminal Trials.

Customs law is a duty or tax which is levied by the Central Government on import of goods into and export of goods from India. Quantum of Customs duty depends upon the provisions of Customs Act 1962 and Customs Tariff Act 1975 and related Customs Rules, Notifications, Circulars, case Laws and Annual Union Finance Acts. Customs Act 1962 is the main Act governing custom duty. Customs Tariff Act 1975 contains two Schedules. Schedule 1 gives classification and rates of duties for imports of goods into India. Schedule 2 gives classification and rates of duties for export of goods from India. Section 156 of Customs Act empowers the Central Government to make rules in this regard consistent with provisions of the Act.

Functions Of Customs Department:

  • Collection of Customs Duties on imports and Exports as per Law.
  • Enforcement of Various provisions of Custom Act.
  • Prevention of Smuggling.
  • International Passenger Clearance.
  • Discharge of Agency functions and enforcing prohibitions and restrictions on imports and imports under various legal enactments.